Global Steward GROWTH account

*Performance 5/31/17 - 5/31/18



Global Steward INCOME account

*Performance 5/31/17 - 5/31/18


“Safe IRA”, “Top Rates Report” and “Global Steward” are trademarks of Global Steward Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Performance results are presented net of all fees, commissions, and expenses. Performance data are compared to S&P 500 returns, although investment returns are derived from option writing premiums and international equities that have material differences in composition and investment returns. Investment returns are independently calculated by E*Trade Securities. Performance calculations are the geometric mean of time-weighted investment return data calculated by E*Trade from six tracking accounts (3 Global Steward Growth accounts and 3 Global Steward Income accounts), each group representative of its corresponding strategy. Investment returns reflect the reinvestment of all dividends and earnings. Past performance is no indication of future results. Investment accounts are subject to loss. Individual account performance will vary based on the amount of investment and timing of deposits and withdrawals.

*Investment results are historical. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. The investment performance figures presented on the E*TRADE FINANCIAL Web site are an estimate of aggregate security performance and are calculated nightly using the time-weighted performance method. The performance figures will provide the user with a compounded percentage rate of return for an account (stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, money market, etc.) Investment performance is calculated net of commission expense. Because the time-weighted performance method is used, any customer-initiated deposits made to the account should not increase account performance, and any customer-initiated withdrawals made from the account should not decrease account performance. The performance information should not be considered tax advice and should not be used for tax purposes. The results shown do not include the effects of gains or losses that may have occurred in your portfolio outside the date range you selected.

Time-weighted Performance Method – A method of calculating the compound growth of a portfolio that eliminates the distorting effects of money flowing into and out of the portfolio. With the method, the effect of cash flows is eliminated by assuming a single investment at the beginning of a period and calculating the average annual total return to the end of the period.



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