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At Global Steward Advisors, our sole focus is YOU.

Global Steward Advisors is a convenient resource for individual and retirement investors seeking to easily identify the optimal blend of secure investments that have historically produced the highest rate of growth or is projected to provide the greatest income for life.

Too often, Global Steward Advisors advisors have seen individual investors fall prey to poor guidance from well-intentioned, yet inadequately informed, salespeople employed by large financial firms with a limited or proprietary financial product selection. The parasitic relationship of these firms relative to the unsuspecting family often leads to poor investment performance and, over the long run, diminishes the investor’s financial quality of life. Global Steward Advisors helps solve these conflicts of interest and is today’s resource to help families make better investment decisions.

Global Steward Advisors balances the benefits of thorough investment research with responsive client support. Our analytic methodology sorts through the ever-changing maze of secure investment products, seeking to select the optimal mix of today’s superior choices. Our responsive customer support listens carefully, then answers questions tailored to your specific needs. Our online educational resources provide investors with easy and convenient tools to learn about and understand the investments we recommend.

Meet Kenneth S. Ray, RIA

As the Managing Member of Global Steward Advisors, Kenneth Ray is focused on helping clients build investment capital through a well-thought-out strategy. Ken currently serves clients as Global Steward Advisors’ Director of Investment Research and has more than 30 years’ experience as an independent investment advisor. Previously, as Vice President of Investments for a national brokerage firm, Ken recognized that individual investors could receive better guidance by having access to an independent source of well-researched, unbiased investment knowledge. He became an independent advisor in 1989 and, subsequently founded Global Steward Advisors with the goal of helping individuals and their families achieve superior financial results.

Building his extensive background in the financial services industry, Ken has managed two mutual funds, served as CEO of an investment software development and management firm, received a patent for developing a computerized investment management expert system, authored “The New Investment Manager,” and served as a member of the survey committee of the National Association of Business Economists. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, appeared as a featured guest on Caspar Weinberger’s World Business Review, hosted a financial radio show, and been quoted in numerous regional publications including NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

Ken is a Registered Investment Advisor and holds his insurance life and health licenses in Pennsylvania. He graduated from Lycoming College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, including coursework in business, statistical analysis, and computer programming. He graduated from Temple University with a master’s degree in education. Additionally, Ken has received continuing education at Santa Fe Institute’s Complex Systems School and studied artificial intelligence systems at NeuralWare. He has received a patent for his artificial intelligence “expert system” and authored The New Investment Manager. Ken lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Meet Karen M. Weigle

Karen M. Weigle, MA, is an Investment Adviser with Global Steward Advisors, LLC, and is registered in Pennsylvania. She assists by researching stocks of companies to identify those with the greatest current and projected short-term and long-term earnings growth rate forecasts. Ms. Weigle also assists with generating high levels of current income through option writing for the active management of the accounts of clients who hold Global Steward growth accounts.

Ms. Weigle also holds a Pennsylvania insurance license with lines of authority in life insurance and fixed annuities. Ms. Weigle assists in identifying the insurance products that have generated the highest level of investment growth based upon their hypothetical illustrations. She seeks to protect and grow clients’ investment principal. Ms. Weigle specializes in Equity-Indexed Annuities at Global Steward Advisors, LLC.

Ms. Weigle draws from her wealth of expertise in counseling to assist clients with their assessment of needs, objectives, and goals. Personalized information gathering and discussion allow the discernment for suitability regarding types of investments for clients. Additionally, Ms. Weigle’s knowledge in the area of education contributes to effective communication of her analysis and recommendations while also enhancing responsive client support.

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We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.

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