“Many investors use the Global Steward Growth and/or Global Steward Income account to manage a portion of their IRA retirement account, or as a non-qualified investment account. The Global Steward minimum investment is $100,000. The maximum is $1,000,000. Please call (717) 875 3285, and one of our advisors will be glad to assist you.

There are five steps to opening your Global Steward Growth or Global Steward Income account.

Step 1. Create your Login and Password located on the upper right corner of this page.

Step 2. Review the Global Steward Advisors, LLC Form ADV Part II disclosure document at the bottom of this page. Global Steward Advisors, LLC is the registered investment advisor that manages Global Steward accounts. We are required by law to provide you with this disclosure. Place your electronic signature at the bottom of the form to acknowledge receipt.

Step 3. Review and complete the Global Steward Advisors, LLC Investment Advisory Agreement. This outlines the details pertaining to the management services we provide including fees and a short section regarding “suitability”. This short questionnaire helps assure the Global Steward account is appropriate for your personal financial goals.

Step 4. Open an online E* Trade investment brokerage account. Global Steward accounts are presently held only at E*Trade Securities through a Limited Trading Authorization (LTA) with E*Trade. The E*Trade LTA allows us to perform the transactions necessary to manage your account and to deduct our monthly management fees. A copy of the LTA is provided at the last step of the Open Account process. Opening an online E*Trade brokerage account takes about 15 minutes and E*Trade has excellent customer service to help if you have questions or require assistance. Upon successfully opening your E*Trade account, you will be provided with an 8 – digit account number. Please note that number.

Step 5. Open the E*Trade Limited Trading Authorization form. Print the form, write your E*Trade account number on the LTA, sign, and return to Global Steward Advisors. You may scan the form and e-mail to customerservice@globalstewardadvisors.com, fax it to (717) 560 6397, or mail a hard copy to Global Steward Advisors, 24(B) E Roseville Road, Lancaster, PA 17601.”

Please read this document and sign below.

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